Board Members/Meeting Times


Three (3) Year Term

                                                                                         Term Expires
Don Kittle (Mayor's Appt.)                                             12-31-12
Donna Moore (Commissioner’s Appt)                      12-31-12
Holt Hoffman (City Council's Appt.)                            12-31-12
Steve Stewart (Mayor’s Appt.)                                       12-31-14
Ken McIntosh (Superior Court Judge’s Appt.)          12-31-11
April Hautman (Mayor’s Appt.)                                    12-31-14
Barbara Ruxton (City Council’s Appt.)                        12-31-10
Eunice Kittle (County Council’s Appt.)                        12-31-10
Joanne Hamilton (County Council’s Appt.)               12-31-10 

Ohio County Community Foundation meets the last Thursday of the month at 6:00 P.M.
Location - 591 Smart Drive

Ohio County Community Foundation does not meet in the months of March, July, August, October, or December.


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