Ohio County EMS



        Call #   Name Status at OCRS
301   Anthony Courter President / Volunteer 
302   Danny Cyrus Vice President / Volunteer 
304   Matthew Vaughan Employee 
307   Christy Cyrus Supply Officer / Employee 
315   Linda Phillips Retired  Volunteer Dec. 2014
317   David Grace Employee 
320   Colin English Employee 
321   Emily Hurr Employee 
323   David Phelps Employee 
324   Cody Miller Volunteer 
325   Dorinda Lamkin Secretary / Volunteer
326   Kris Heitmeyer Training Officer / Employee
328   John Lewis Employee
332   Matt Pyles Employee
334   Josh Claypool Employee
360   Clayton Lamkin Driver
364   Matt McKinley Treasurer / Driver
365   Zachary Brown Driver
380   Brenton Cyrus Volunteer /EMR
381   Shay Brown Volunteer / EMR
382   Jennifer Rowell Volunteer/ EMR
201   Kevin Armstrong Chief Fire Dept / Driver
202   Bobby White Asst. Chief Fire Dept / Driver
221   Chris Miller Fire Dept / Driver



Judy is a member of the Ohio County EMS.  Judy is used throughout the year for public relations in the community and our school system with our children.  Judy was funded through the vision of one of Ohio County's senior residents that passed away, Vi Mollman.  Thanks to Vi we have Judy to share. 

Ohio County EMS would like for the public to know that CPR Classes and Blood Pressure Checks are available upon request by calling 438-3100.