Ohio County EMS

Front Row Left to Right:Jasper Miller, Former EMT, Gary Brett--Driver & 1st Responder, Marcia Brett--EMT & Treasurer, Kim Smith--EMT & President, Christy Cyrus--EMT, Training Officer, & Employee, Kathy Niccum--EMT, Bobby White--Driver, Danny Cyrus--EMT & Vice-President.

Back Row Left to Right:: Terri Grove--Employee, Matthew Vaughn--Captain & Employee, Anthony Kelley--Former Employee, Matt McKinley--Former Employee, Linda Phillips--EMT & Secretary, Keith Chaney--EMT, Doug Hannan--Driver, Dave Kruse--Honoary Member & Driver, Stanley Phillips--Driver & 1st Responder, Becky Jackson--EMT, Eldon Fancher--EMT, G. David Copeland--Driver.

Members not pictured: Jeremie Cutter--EMT, Anthony Courter--EMT, Gary Eldridge--EMT & Employee, David Grace--EMT, Angelia Busch--EMT & Employee, David Gray--EMT & Employee, LIz Thies Zeinner--EMT, Joyce Pemberton--EMT, Joe Teke--Driver, Kevin Armstrong--Driver, Wayne Siekman--Driver, Newest EMT's--Erica Peters, Mike Peters, & Dorinda Lamkin.

Judy is a member of the Ohio County EMS.  Judy is used throughout the year for public relations in the community and our school system with our children.  Judy was funded through the vision of one of Ohio County's senior residents that passed away, Vi Mollman.  Thanks to Vi we have Judy to share. 

Ohio County EMS would like for the public to know that CPR Classes and Blood Pressure Checks are available upon request by calling 438-3100.