City of Rising Sun, Indiana

Fire Department

Rising Sun Fire DepartmentThrough fire and rescue services, the Rising Sun Volunteer Fire Department is committed to protect the lives and property of the City of Rising Sun and the surrounding community. We also provide educational programs to help prevent fires and incidents which could lead to injury and loss of life.

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Rising Sun, Indiana

Rising Sun Fire Department

121 South High Street
Rising Sun, Indiana 47040

Phone: 812-438-3532
After Hours/Emergency Number: 911

Fire Chief

Kevin Armstrong

Become a Volunteer Firefighter!

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer firefighter, please call 812-438-3532 and arrange to pick up an application.



201 Kevin Armstrong: Fire Chief, Instructor 2-3, Firefighter
202 Bobby White: Asst. Fire Chief, Firefighter
203 Dave Kruse: Asst. Fire Chief, Treasurer, Firefighter
204 Shannon Snelling: Asst. Fire Chief, President, Firefighter
205 Wes Walston: Captain, Firefighter
206 Brandon Cook: Captain, Firefighter
207 John Miller: Captain, Firefighter
208 Wayne Siekman: Lieutenant, Firefighter
209 Bill Lloyd: Lieutenant, Secretary, Firefighter
210 Alan Benning: Safety Officer, Firefighter
211 Nick Levi: Safety Officer, Firefighter
212 Danny Cyrus: Firefighter
213 Jason Siekman: Firefighter
214 Chris Berkley: Firefighter
215 Danny Vinup: Firefighter
216 Tom Moore: Firefighter
217 Andy Bowling: Firefighter
218 Matt Vaughn: Firefighter
219 Anthony Courter: Firefighter
220 Adam Keith: Firefighter
221 Dean Scheffler: Firefighter
222 Alex Bowling: Firefighter
223 Cody Jackson: Firefighter
224 Andrew Riddell: Firefighter
225 Andrew Munchen: Firefighter
226 Adam Bowling: Firefighter
227 Cody Miller: Firefighter
228 Austin Armstrong: Firefighter
229 Shane Walston: Firefighter
230 Jamey Hayes: Firefighter
236 Stacy Levi: Firefighter
237 Matt Pyles: Vice President, Firefighter
238 Devan Levi: Firefighter
239 Ryan Lozier: Firefighter