City of Rising Sun, Indiana


The Project Manager heads our Planning and Zoning Department and is responsible for bid acquisition and overseeing various construction projects for the city. The Project Manager is also the Building and Zoning Inspector for commercial and residential properties within the city. A few additional duties include: ADA/Title VI Coordinator, coordinator for local INDOT projects and Compost Specialist.

Click the links below to download the City of Rising Sun’s ordinances, fee structure information, and permit applications.

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Rising Sun, Indiana

Rising Sun Planning/Zoning

200 N. Walnut St.
Rising Sun, Indiana 47040

Phone: 812-438-3324

Project Manager

Mike Northcutt




Kevin Smith, Chairman
Janet Bowman, Vice Chairman
Dennis Jones, Secretary
Roger Hilligoss, Mr.
William Rees, Mr.
Bud Radcliff, Mr.
Tina Bovard, Ms.