Once again in 2021, the Mayor’s Office, Clerk Treasurer’s Office and City Council are providing small, monetary sponsorships to local groups and organizations.  To apply for funding, you must download an application from the  Cityofrisingsun.com website.  If you cannot download the application for any reason, you may contact the office and we will work with getting an application to you.

Applications must be completed by the applicant and returned to the Clerk-Treasurer’s Office by February 22, 2021.  They will be reviewed by the Board of Public Works at their February meeting and recommended for approval at the March 4, 2021 City Council meeting.

These sponsorships are typically $500 and under. The City wants to assist as many people as we can, but there is a limit to available funding. Please be respectful and considerate of others and only ask for what you truly need.

Approved sponsorships and amounts will be posted on the city’s website shortly after the March 4, 2021 City Council meeting. Sponsorship funds will be paid when a request is submitted to the Clerk Treasurer’s Office by the approved applicant. Request for payment should be made near the time of your event so a check is not issued early for something which is later cancelled. Please note on the application the name and address for whom and where the check should go.  This information is necessary to  issue a check.

This process has proven to work. You know in advance what support you will be receiving from the City, and the City will not be inundated with sponsorship requests at every council meeting. We want to help your group or organization meet its financial goals, but the process must be followed. If you have questions, please call or email us. Thank you.

Steve Slack

Rae Baker Gipson
Clerk Treasurer