As the Rising Sun Fireworks Event Coordinator, I would like to extend my sincerest thanks and appreciation to everyone who contributed their time, effort and/or resources toward the city’s 2020 fireworks.  Unexpected thunderstorms caused portions of the event to be canceled.  Rain also delayed and shortened the actual fireworks show itself; however, it didn’t lessen the commitment to those who helped put on the show nor did it diminish the enthusiasm of those who came and watched.  For those working in various capacities the day of the event, the storms created a lot of additional work requiring unplanned tear down, covering up and later setting everything back up for a second time.  It was crazy, but we did have a very good show.

Thank you to the following: the Rising Sun Mayor and Mayor’s Assistant, City Council and Clerk Treasurer’s Office (financial backing, payment coordination and port-a-pots); RS Street Department and Project Manager (riverfront prep, barricades, plywood sheeting, staging, trash cans and cleanup); RS Project Manager and City Utilities (electric and water service); RS Police and Fire Departments, Ohio County Sheriff and EMS and Dearborn County Water Rescue (event safety); RS Police and Board of Works (traffic coordination); US Coast Guard, Indiana State Fire Marshall, RS Fire Department and Flying G Fireworks (permits); OC Port Authority (dock usage/restriction coordination); Dock Leasers, Front Street Residents and Businesses (understanding for need of street, ramp and dock closings); RS Main Street (entertainment booking, golf cart parade and publicity); RSOC Tourism and Local/Regional Media (publicity); RSOC Park Board and RSOC School Corporation (backup location); Chuck Brisbin and The Tuna Project (live music) and Ryan Kendrick (recorded music); RS Lions Club (food and drink service); and the Flying G Fireworks team (fireworks production).

My apologies to anyone I may have inadvertently left out.  While I coordinate and manage the event, it takes the time, effort, cooperation and resources of so many people to make an event like this go smoothly and safely.  Again, my thanks goes out to everyone involved!

Lastly, thanks to all of you who came down to enjoy the fireworks and waited through the delay.  It wasn’t the full, 26-minute show we had planned.  The wind and rain did quite a number on the fireworks and electronic firing system despite everyone’s best effort to save the show.  It was still a wonderful 18 minutes.

Some asked why we didn’t postpone the show.  The answer is once the fireworks are loaded into the guns, legally, the fireworks must be shot off.  As of 12 noon the day of the fireworks, the forecast was still not calling for any rain until after 1 am.  So, we proceeded to prepare for the show without any concerns.

As everyone knows, unexpected severe weather hit just before 7 pm and lightning remained in the area for quite some time.  That canceled the golf cart parade.  A less intense second batch of rain still needed to come through.  By the time it had cleared, there was no realistic chance of getting the stage dry and the band’s equipment set up again.  So the band was sent home.  The Lions Club did get their food service back up and running and provided some great eats.

The second round of rain also delayed the Flying G Fireworks team from uncovering the fireworks, reassembling the racks and reconnecting the electronic firing system.  That’s why there was a 30 minute delay in starting the show.  Some of the show’s components were soaked and could not be fired electronically.  Shells and ground display cakes which did not fire during the show had to be fired manually after the show was over when it was safe to inspect the area.

I really appreciate everything Annie Adams and her Flying G Fireworks team did to try and save the show.  What they were able to give everyone was great.  With the way 2020 has gone so far, I guess none of us should be surprised even the fireworks were affected.

Thanks for the comments, pictures and videos from the fireworks you shared on social media.  Also, I greatly appreciate those who helped keep our riverfront beautiful by depositing their trash in the various containers after the event.

Best wishes and good health to all.  Hope to see you again in 2021!

Bryce Kendrick
Grant Writer and Communications Manager
City of Rising Sun