Age Limit Raised By State To Operate Motorized Carts

Because the State of Indiana recently updated its code pertaining to the use of motorized carts on public roadways, the City of Rising Sun had to do the same to be compliant with the state code.  

Previously, an individual could operate a motorized cart (e.g. golf cart) on Rising Sun city streets if the individual was at least 15 years of age and had a valid photo ID. 

Under the revised state code and amended city ordinance, the individual now must be at least 16 years and 180 days old (16.5 years of age) plus have one of the following valid state issued forms of identification: driver’s license, learner’s permit or identification card issued under Indiana Code § 9-24-16.

Rising Sun City Council had the option of making the local ordinance more restrictive than the state code, such as raising the age limit further, but council felt it was best to simply match the revisions made by the state.

Copies of the revised city ordinance and Indiana Code 9-24-16 are attached below.