The American Legion Auxiliary of Rising Sun will hold a Poppy Day Bake Sale on Saturday, May 4 from 9 am to 12 pm at the Rising Sun IGA.

Any items you can donate would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Nancy Parks at 812-577-2101 or Rae Baker Gipson at 812-290-3344 to inquire about making a donation or if you need more information.

The following information is courtesy of the American Legion Auxiliary (ALA) for Veterans.

As part of long tradition which began in 1921, the ALA red crepe paper poppy has been pinned on jacket lapels, hats and other clothing to honor the sacrifices of men and women who served and died during war. It symbolizes freedom and the blood sacrificed by our troops as referenced in the poem “In Flanders Fields” written by Lt. Col. John McCrae. The poppies grew out of newly dug soldiers’ graves during World War I in Europe.

ALA members distribute millions of poppies, most handmade, in exchange for contributions to assist active-duty military, veterans and their families, where financial and medical need is evident. ALA units promote the flower throughout the year by hosting poppy-related events such as our local chapter is doing with its bake sale.

In the past, poppy items were only made by veterans and the material used had to be red crepe paper. New resolutions by The American Legion now make it possible for poppies to be made by ALA members and even commercially if necessary. Plus, the poppy can be made out of other material. The more flexible resolutions were put in place to help more easily raise funds for the poppy program.