The 14th Annual Ohio Valley River Cats Team Catfish Tournament is Saturday, September 7 and Sunday, September 8 in Rising Sun.  The morning boat launches (8 am Saturday and 7 am Sunday) along with the afternoon weigh-ins (4 pm Saturday and 3 pm Sunday) are a sight to behold.

Come down to Riverfront Park each morning and watch upwards of 200 boats take off in search of their catch.  Both weigh-ins are a lot of fun too, but certainly Sunday’s is filled with suspense and drama.  As fish are weighed from the second day, that weight total is combined with the first day weigh-in.  As new totals are posted and announced, the excitement builds.  The hopes and anticipation rise for some teams while they fade for others.  The team with the highest combined catch weight for the two days will net them $10,000!