Thanks to a grant from the Rising Sun Regional Foundation, the City of Rising Sun is shining brightly and saving money while doing it.  Through North American, Inc., the city converted the incandescent and fluorescent lighting to LED in the following buildings: police department, city pool (inside and outside), senior/community building, education center, street department and city hall.  In addition, the parking lots and Shiner Drive from the senior building to the street department were also converted.

The cost of the project was $39,245.  The RSRF provided a grant of $31,150 covering around 79 percent of the cost.  The city covered the balance of $8095.

This is a long-term savings project for the city.  LED lighting only uses about 1/6 the wattage of incandescent and fluorescent lighting and also has a substantially longer lifespan, up to 50,000 hours for a 9W LED buly compared to 8000 hours for a 60W fluorescent tube or 1250 hours for a 60W incandescent bulb.

The City of Rising Sun offers its appreciation and thanks to the Rising Sun Regional Foundation for its support of this project.