City of Rising Sun Brush Policy
The following rules must be observed for brush to be picked up by the City of Rising Sun Street Department. Brush will be picked up on Monday and Friday. Homeowners do not need to call to request pickup.

1. All brush must be stacked next to the curb or alley and be stacked in the same direction.
2. No brush can be longer than five (5) feet and must be bundled.
3. Any trees or branches removed by a tree trimmer or individual who is paid for that service must be removed by that trimmer or individual.
4. Residents are permitted to take their brush to the brush dump during regular hours of 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday-Friday (except for holidays). Nothing but brush and leaves may be taken to the dump; if other items are taken that person may face a littering charge which could result in a $500.00 fine.
5. During brush season, leaves and small twigs are to be bagged in biodegradable paper bags which will then be picked up by the Street Department.
6. Any vegetative matter grown on premises must be bagged in biodegradable paper bags for pickup.
7. These rules may be waived, in the event of an emergency situation such as a tornado or other natural disaster, by the Mayor of the City of Rising Sun.