Understated, 2020 has been a very difficult year for all of us.  COVID-19 has disrupted our lives in a seemingly endless number of ways…some far more serious than others.  But for the high school senior classes of 2020 everywhere, there are once-in-a-lifetime events they won’t get to experience nor have the memories of those events to look back on years from now.

Yes, there are far worse things than missing out on prom, not playing your favorite sport one last season and enjoying the full graduation ceremony with family and friends.  But these are just a few of the very meaningful and special events which our 2020 seniors will not get to savor like former seniors have and future seniors will.

Rest assured, there are much better days ahead.  The City of Rising Sun would like to say congratulations, best wishes and good luck to the Rising Sun High School Senior Class of 2020:

Michael Ackman
Peyton Bell
James Boes
James Bounds
Nya Bovard
Maxwell Bowne
Zachary Brokaw
Kailey Brown
Clayton Bruce
Ty Chase
Alexis Cline
Lucas Combs
Johnathon Cutter
Timothy Cutter
Emma Davis
Skylar Durham
McKenzie Ellegood
Samuel Flury
Skyler Frederick
Kolten Griffin
Saige Groover
Emalee Halloran
Autum Hempfling
Shyanne Higham
Steven Jimenez
Kaci Jump
Kaden Kittle
Teagan Lampe
Emma Levi
Benjamin Lewis
Shelby Lillie
Lura Little
Logan Lyon
Trey Manifold
Kiera Mann
Brenden Marksberry
Reed Martin
Marcus McClellan
Sydney Pitts
Benjamin Powell
Kinsey Price
Anna Richards
Kassidy Romans
Brady Russell
Tyson Schraeder
Dalton Snelling
Monica Theunissen
Alexia Weaver
Isabelle Weaver
Ethan Webb
Kelsey Wilburn
Hunter Wilkymacky

A lifetime of wonderful experiences are still to come for all of you.