Easter Egg Hunt Is March 31

On Saturday, March 31 at 10:30 a.m., American Legion Post 59 and Rising Sun Main Street is sponsoring the Community Easter Egg Hunt.  The event will be held at Shiner Park (behind the community pool and high school athletic fields).  The Easter Bunny will be making an appearance there for pictures as well.  You can call the Legion at 812-438-3688 if you have any questions.

Rules for the Easter Egg Hunt:

  • No pushing or punching.
  • No biting or hair pulling.
  • No kicking or tripping.
  • No swinging of baskets like a helicopter with intent to harm.
  • The use of drones to search for hidden eggs are prohibited.
  • The use of Bloodhounds or other highly trained animals to sniff out eggs are prohibited.
  • The use of motorized vehicles to speed from egg to egg are prohibited.
  • “Finding” eggs in another child’s basket is theft and is subject to criminal prosecution.  
  • Contrary to popular belief, egg hunting is not a competitive sport nor is it the Hunger Games.
  • The use of stealth technology is discouraged but, if you use it, who will really know?  It’s stealth, right?
  • Using a slingshot to launch rocks, marbles, ball bearings, pellets, bebees or similar objects in an effort to pick off childern who are bending over to collect an egg near your child simply isn’t cool.
  • Tailgating is only okay if you bring enough food for everyone.
  • The use of a bucket lift for prime viewing of the event must be approved in advance by filling out the 13-page form and paying a one-time $575 permit fee. 
  • If your child does not get an ample number of eggs, don’t complain. Instead, put your child on a rigorous strength, speed and conditioning program so they will be more prepared for next year’s event.

(These are not the actual rules of the Community Easter Egg Hunt.  They are just a few one-liners to make you smile.  For the egg hunt, simply have fun and be kind to those around you.)