Enhanced Telecommunications Corporation (ETC) is pleased to announce an additional 181 Rising Sun addresses are now able to connect to ETC’s fiber.

According to this release provided by the company, the newly opened addresses encompass an area that roughly stretches 1.5 miles west on highway 262; extends just north of the fairgrounds; reaches east to 5th Street and rounds south to Cedar Hedge Cemetery.

With the opening of this latest phase (two of three), ETC is one step closer to establishing the community as a Gigabit City. That designation means a majority of the town is serviced by ETC’s fiber—the most state-of-the-art technology available.

The third and final phase is on-target to open this fall. That phase will extend ETC’s FiberZone from Salem Ridge Road on the west; to Burgess Avenue on the north; and east to Highway 56.

To find out whether you are currently eligible for ETC fiber, contact the office at 800-647-9832. Or visit etczone.com/rs for more information, including packages, pricing. Plus get a glimpse of one of our first installations in Rising Sun.

ETC is a local, family-owned company doing business in Sunman, IN for more than 85 years. We provide world-class service to more than 13,000 customers across Southeastern Indiana. We are excited to be a part of the Rising Sun area and look forward to providing the community with the fastest internet speeds around.