Fountain Update

The City of Rising Sun restates its disassembly of the fountain is for the purpose to determine all issues which are preventing it from functioning properly and to evaluate the options available to repair it. We understand our community has an emotional connection to the fountain. Unfortunately, those emotions have fueled speculation this disassembly was a precursor to the city permanently removing the fountain.  Such speculation has no merit and is simply not true.

The city appreciates and respects the various viewpoints regarding the fountain and realizes there is not one answer which will make everyone happy.  Please understand the fountain is part of our community and our first option has been always been to repair it.

Our goal upon disassembly and relocation to our street department garage, was to mitigate the lime build up by changing the copper tubing out with pvc piping which, in conjunction with water softening agents, would greatly reduce lime buildup and be easier to maintain. Unfortunately, the builder of the fountain made the copper piping part of the fountain’s skeleton and physical structure, not a separate internal element to simply provide water flow. Thus, there is no way to remove the piping. We have consulted other municipalities to better understand how they’ve addressed similar challenges. Additional options are being explored at this time and we want to stress this could take up to three months to complete.   

The fountain has had a few issues in recent years. Ideally, we would prefer to not continue the “band-aid approach” but rather address the issues in the best way possible to ensure long term functionality. We thank everyone for their patience as we try to find a viable and economically feasible solution to repairing the fountain.