Spooky ghosts and goblins walking down the street.
If you don’t want tricked, then you better give a treat.
Vampires, werewolves knocking at your door,
Looking for a handout of delicious goodies galore.

Rain or moonlight, Rising Sun’s 2019 Halloween is Thursday, October 31. It begins with the Halloween Parade at 5 pm.  Join the procession of costumed cuties of all ages who will gather at the intersection of Main and Walnut then creep down Main to the Pavilion on Front Street.  Costumes will be judged and winners will receive certificates from Subway.

Trick Or Treat will run from 6 to 8 pm.  Please, please, please take extra care when driving through our city at this time.  And Halloween participants should try to be as visible as possible whether it be a reflective piece of clothing or flashlight.  When crossing the street, please do so in an open area where you aren’t obstructed by vehicles, trees or bushes and double check both ways before proceeding.

We want this to be a safe event for everyone.