Happy 100th Birthday Edythe Hassett

It is the milestone birthday of all birthdays. Rising Sun’s Edythe Hassett is 100 years young! Ms. Hassett celebrated the century mark on Sunday, March 27.

It addition to enjoying her very special day with family, friends and her neighbors at Rising Sun Senior Housing, this wonderful young-at-heart woman is now a national celebrity of sorts. Edythe received a big shout out from NBC’s The Today Show. Check out her cool picture to the left.

Since her birth in 1916, Edythe has seen 17 different U.S. Presidents in office starting with Woodrow Wilson, two world wars, the Great Depression and 26 different Major League Baseball teams win a world series.

Cost of goods in 1916: average price of a new house- $5000, average price of a new car- $400, eggs- $0.20/dozen, loaf of bread- $0.07, sugar- $0.04/pound, coffee- $0.15/pound, baseball tickets- $0.15 each, a dental filling- $1 each and a postage stamp- $0.02 each.

Other notes from 1916:
– It was a leap year
– The U.S. population was nearly 102 million
– The PGA (Professional Golfers Association) was created
– The Boston Red Sox won the World Series
– Only 6 percent of Americans graduated from high school
– Only 8 percent of U.S. homes had phones
– The first blood transfusion was carried out
– Albert Einstein completed his formulation of a general theory of relativity
– The first-ever Nathan’s July 4th hot dog eating competition was held
– The National Park Service was signed into legislation by President Wilson
– The tallest building in the world was the Eiffel Tower (984 feet)