Help Needed Updating Business Directory

The City of Rising Sun is asking Rising Sun/Ohio County business owners, their employees and those who frequent our local businesses to assist us with updating a business directory.  The directory is part of a new project which will be launched soon, and we would like for the information to be as accurate as possible before it launches. 

The existing directory is attached below.

Here’s what we would like help.  Please respond to only those things you are CERTAIN you can provide correct details for.  You should email your details to . 

– Note any business no longer in existence.

– Note any business which is new/newer but not listed.

– Note if any business name is not presented properly or is not spelled correctly.

– Note if any business address or phone number is incorrect.

– Note if a business is not in the correct category of: Dine, Play (recreation), Shop, Stay (lodging…not housing) or Service (basically all others).  A few businesses may qualify for more than one category.

Deadline for changes is 5 pm Friday, October 12.  Please feel free to share the story link with others who might be able to assist with the update.

Thanks for your assistance with this project!