Hillbilly Fashion Show
(From Rising Sun/Ohio County Tourism) The public is invited to enter the Hillbilly Fashion Show, a special event that coincides with the inaugural Saturday, June 9, 2018, Rising Sun’s Blues & BBQ. There are no fees to enter and everyone is invited to participate. 
The fashion show begins at 1:00 p.m. on the music stage around Main and Poplar Streets in downtown Rising Sun. All entrants must be in the line-up by 12:50 p.m.  Entrants can enter into one of four categories including: 
A. Men 
B. Women 
C. Youth (ages 16 and under) 
D. Families (two or more members) 
Participants from the men’s, women’s and youth categories can also compete in the family category with other participants. One $50 cash award per category. 
The stereotype of a hillbilly is a person who lives isolated in the hills, hollers and mountains. Hillbillies go barefoot, wear worn-out floppy hats, drinks moonshine and whisky made from their homemade stills, plays the fiddle or banjo, tote guns, and drive old beat-up pick-up trucks. Although content with life as they know it, they often have bad teeth, longs beards, wear worn out clothes and hand-me-downs. (Note that real firearms are NOT permitted at this contest.) 
Below is information that may helpful in selecting items to wear to showcase your personal “hillbilly style.” Feel free to add your own interpretation, as these are only suggestions taken from historic photos and information. 
Clothing: Old and big, attire that is several sizes too large with stains. Clothing that looks like it may get washed once a week. Flannel shirts under faded overalls. Worn out t-shirts. For women, overalls and well-worn jeans with the legs rolled up the calves. Flower sack skirts. Older hillbilly styles include dresses and long skirts, with apron worn over top. 
Hats: Sloppy hats, baseball caps with a logo depicting an advertisement for farming equipment, beer, liquor, fishing or hunting. For women, floppy hats with brims, or old working hats that are torn and tattered or paisley bandanas. Older hillbilly styles included bonnets for women.
Hairstyles: Woman; 80s-type hair, dirty, tousled, pigtails, parted down the middle. Bandanas worn on the head. Mohawks for men. 
Shoes: Dirty work boots that look like you’ve worn them every day for the past five years or barefoot. 
Accessories: Corncob pipes (for women and men), suspenders, paisley handkerchiefs, and long aprons.
Contestants will be judged on the authenticity of their wardrobe and presentation. 
Judging begins promptly at 1:00 p.m. Contestants are encouraged to utilize hillbilly movements and traits while modeling their fashions.
Amateur BBQers who are interested in entering the rib cooking contest can download information and a registration form at the enjoyrisingsun.com website. Click on Home, Community Page, and scroll to contest entry information. There is a $50 per team charge. Cash prizes will be awards for first, second and third places. 
Arts & crafts, information, and food vendors are also invited to participate with free space on a first-come, first-served basis. Electric and water is available for food vendors only. Applications, guidelines and waivers are available on the enjoyrisingsun.com website. 
For additional information, contact the Ohio County Visitors Center at (812) 438-4933. Information on lodging, eateries, historical sites and additional events is available by calling (888) 776-4786 or logging on enjoyrisingsun.com. Rising Sun/Ohio County Tourism is on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.