Indiana Bicentennial Barn Contest – Ohio County Barns Needed

Indiana celebrates its 200th anniversary as the 19th state in the nation in 2016. Indiana’s 2016 Bicentennial celebration aims to honor our state’s 200 years of history, but do so in a modern way that engages all 6.5 million Hoosiers and leaves a lasting legacy for future generations.

Multiple projects throughout the state are in the works. The Bicentennial Barns project is proud to be one of the endorsed projects of the Bicentennial Commission. We hope to support this milestone by focusing on agriculture in the same manner: celebrate history, but in a way that will engage every county, every community, and leave a lasting legacy of stewardship for agriculture and the rural landscape.

Agriculture will be celebrated with the Bicentennial Barns project. Elements of this program include:

Enter your barn/s by uploading photos and the entry form found here. Two hundred barns will be selected from those entered to represent Indiana’s barns for the bicentennial and beyond. Each of these barns will receive a bicentennial sign to signify this honor. From those 200 barns, 10 will be selected to represent the finest examples of architecture and stewardship, and will be awarded an artisan plaque, handcrafted by Indiana Artisan, Dorrel Harrison.

Exhibit & Educational Programming
Entries and winners will be featured in an exhibit that will travel the state of Indiana following the announcement of the winners. The locations of these exhibits will be announced at a later date.

Public Celebration
The Bicentennial Barns project will partner with multiple organizations throughout the next several years to celebrate 200 years of agriculture, architecture, history, culture, art and education. We’ll do this by working with other endorsed projects, museums, galleries, and major public events such as the Indiana State Fair. Come join us and help make it memorable!