Mac’s Seaplane

Mac’s Seaplane has docked in Rising Sun! The seaplane attraction offers a 15 to 30 minute flight over Ohio County or any other direction you’d like to go! The flights take one passenger at a time on the Cessna 140, or up to 4 passengers on the Cessna 195. The Cessna 140 costs $80 per person for a 30 minute flight, or $50 for a 15 minute flight. The Cessna 195 costs $80 per person and is only offered for a 30 minute flight. Walk-ins are graciously accepted but appointments are also available.

Not only does this new attraction offer amazing one-time flights, but Troy (the pilot) also offers flying instructions and the ability to achieve your own piloting license through him.

The seaplane is stowed on Front Street next to the public restrooms, and it docks at the boat ramp at the bottom of First Street. For more information on any of the amazing deals that Mac’s Seaplane offers call (515) 509-7027.

Also, click on these links to see a few clips of the seaplane in action!

Seaplane on the water:

Seaplane in the air:

Seaplane taking off: