May 7 Dance Recital Has Two Sold Out Shows

The 13th Annual Dance Recital under the direction of Laura Baresel and sponsored by the Rising Sun-Ohio County Parks Department is sold out according to parks director Jamie Bell. There will be two shows Saturday, May 7 at 1 and 3 pm at Rising Sun High School.

This year’s program entitled “ROCK ON” will include music from Queen, Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top, Pink Floyd and more.

Attached to the left and below are pictures of each dance group performing. Photos were provided through the parks department.

Bohemian Rhapsody: 1st row from top left; Kenzie Lageman, Emma Taylor, Paulina Pruss, Ashley Bowne, Skylar Durham. 2nd row down from top left; Magdalini Manologlou, Anabel Lillie, Caterina Russell, Chanda Tibbs, Frankie Seals, Jessica Dresmann. 3rd middle row from left; Makenzie Bruce, Alyssa Smith, Makayla Dickerson, Alayna Walcott, Erin Davies. 4th bottom row from left; Caroline Barnard, Aubree Witte, Cloe Ballard, Maria Manologlou, Nora Powell, Keira Holbrook, Olivia Cate.

I Love Rock and Roll: top from left; Kara Colen, Justice Cravens, Lilly Steele, Makenzie McDaniel, Breanna Reed, Sophia Kellems, Lily McFadden. Bottom from left; Natalie Fisk, BreeAnn Bennett, Izzy York, Ani Edwards, Erica Sizemore, Kenna Carrigan.

Morning has Broken: from left; Emilee Hoskins, Karissa Browning, Greta Rumsey, Delilah Konradi, Maisley Bunger.

Seaside Rendezvous: top from left; Jaelynn Brooks, Emma Wilmot, Alyssa Abplanalp, LilyAnna Kettenbrink, Kenzie McIntosh, Natalie Fisk. Bottom from left; Aslynn Bailey, Erin Russell, Natalie Holbrook, Brystol Scudder, Caylix Southard, Josie Turner.

See the Show: top from left standing; Skylar Durham, Arynn Kunkel, Ashley Bowne, Emily Widner, Emma Taylor, Kenzie Lageman. Middle row from left; Caterina Russell, Rachel Schwing, Frankie Seals, Ruby Thompson, Magdalini Manologlou, Alexis Carrigan. Bottom row from left; Makenzie Arnold, Mallery Banschbach, Alyssa Smith, Alayna Walcott, Cloe Ballard, Isabelle Davis.

Songs from the Wood: top from left; Emma Parsons, Addie Leedy, Lilly Steele, Jillian Gregory, Sophia Kellems, Callie Roberts, Maleah Wolf. Bottom from left; Avery Andrews, Morgan Esposito, Payton Stow, Makayla Powers, Alysa Walcott, Sydney Louden.

The Wall: from left; Brystol Scudder, Amelia Galbreath, Emma Parsons, Braxton Witte, Jade Cravens, Erin Russell, Alyssa Walcott.

25 or 6 to 4: top from left; Addyson Preston, Madelyn Fisher, Anabel Lillie. Bottom from left; Emily Edwards, Gabrielle Fisher, Shay Cook, Sydney Louden.

La Grange “The Pink Ladies”: top from left; Caroline Barnard, Caterina Russell, Makenzie McDaniel, Ashley Bowne, Skylar Durham, Shelby Wynn, Kaylee Ferarri. Middle Center; Ani Edwards. Bottom from left; Hillary Lambert, Erica Sizemore, Anabel Lillie, Arynn Kunkel, Rachel Schwing, Alayna Walcott.