Rising Sun-Ohio County Senior Citizen Community Building

While parks within Ohio County have remained open during the COVID-19 pandemic, many of the amenities were closed or off limits.  But now in conjunction with Stage 4 of Governor Holcomb’s Back On Track Indiana plan, most of our local park amenities reopened to the public between June 12 and 14.  The only amenities which remain closed include all water and dog fountains plus the vault toilets at Denver Siekman Park.  Those amenities will reopen sometime during Stage 5.

Here is a list of park facilities and amenities which reopened between June 12 and 14:

  • Events at the Community Center and Schroeder Facility.
  • Playgrounds at Riverfront, Shiner, Turner and Bear Branch Parks.
  • Restrooms, outdoor exercise equipment and youth soccer fields at Shiner Park.
  • Softball field at Bear Branch.

(Note: the varsity baseball and soccer fields within Shiner Park are maintained by Rising Sun High School.  Please refer to the school for their respective reopenings.)

Parents and guardians are asked to make sure children are washing hands and using hand sanitizer frequently when using the playground equipment.

The Rising Sun-Ohio County Park Board reminds everyone it is important for all community members to do their part in reducing their risk of exposure to COVID-19 and other communicable diseases while using the Rising Sun-Ohio County Park System. The CDC recommends social distancing, proper handwashing and staying at home when not feeling well.

The park board will continue to monitor the effects of COVID-19, Back On Track stage levels set by Governor Holcomb, the CDC and local health department guidelines to adjust dates and plans as needed.