Yard Sale

The 2019 Spring Community Yard Sale and Clean Up is Thursday, May 2 through Saturday, May 4.  While our newspaper ad promoting many local sales published April 25th, The City of Rising Sun can still help promote your yard sale for free on our website.  Please provide your last name, address of your sale location and the day(s) you will sell (May 2, 3 and/or 4).  You may email your information to Amy Martin at amartin@cityofrisingsun.com, call her at 812-438-3340 or sign up at the Rising Sun Municipal Utilities desk (200 N. Walnut St.) during normal business hours.  If you call after business hours and reach voice mail, please spell your last name.

Here is the list of participants who have registered as of May 1 at 3 pm:

Name, Address, Days (May 2-4)
Jaimie Rose, 219 N. Walnut St., All
Robin Jackson, 231 Mulberry St., All
Sissy Potter, 809 Wilson St., All
Hair Solutions, 628 N. High St., 3 & 4
Stevie & Tammy Johns, 114 1st St., 2 & 3
Steve Melchers, 222 S. High St., All
Megan Carnes, 1250 Huckleberry Ln., 3 & 4
Rocky Walton, 725 Sunset Ave., 3 & 4
James Brown, 115 S. Walnut St., All
Elmer Doke, 923 SR 262 Lot 6, 2 & 3
Roxanne Jones, 1110 Burgess Ave., All
Robbie King, 231 Main St. (in Alley), All
Nicholas Multi Family, 4575 SR 56 W., All
Walcott Family, 706 Wilson St., 3 & 4
Garrett Estate Sale, 14346 N. Branch Rd., All
White & Adams Families, 1213 SR 262, All
Pam Banschbach, 6749 Salem Ridge Rd., All
Christy Cyrus, 609 Wilson St., All
Donny & Becky Gilmore, 413 S. High St., All
Chandra Mattingly, 109 N. High St., 3 & 4
Johnny Vest, 117 N. Front St., All
Sherry Timms, 5566 SR 56 W., All
Richard Helton, 6756 Twain Ln., All
Tina Parsons, 6786 Twain Ln., All
Jana McKinley, 1003 Fourth St., 3 & 4
Beckett & Koons Families, 809 Burgess Ave., All
Amber Budd, 213 Poplar St., 4 only
Drew & McCracken, Alley Behind Pharmacy, 3 & 4
Storey & Yoe, 304 N. High St., 3 & 4
Ted Martin, 1216 5th St., 3 & 4

This list will continue to be updated occasionally through Wednesday, May 1.

For city and county residents only, the City of Rising Sun will make dumpsters available at the city’s brush dump Saturday, May 4 from 7 am to 11 am.  You are encouraged to come early as, at times, the dumpsters fill quickly.  City workers will be on hand to help maximize space in the dumpsters.

The following items are not permitted at the dump: liquids, hazardous waste, wet or lead paint, closed drums, Freon containing refrigeration equipment, tires or mercury containing lamps.