Rising Sun Utility Bills Lost In The Mail

Haven’t received your bill yet from Rising Sun Municipal Utilities?  There is a good reason.  They are lost in the mail.  No joke.  Also lost are utility bills for Aberdeen-Pate and Greendale.

RSMU is in contact with the US Postal Service to see if the bills will be found.  What RSMU will do if they are not is still to be determined.  Please watch for additional information.  The software used to generate the bills does not allow for them to be reprinted.  However, customers still must pay what is owed.  Utility bills are due on or before the 15th of every month. 

Customers of RSMU can call the office at 812-438-3616 to see what their bill amount is or simply stop by the office during normal business hours.  If you choose to call, please be patient.  Call volume is obviously much higher than normal. 

RSMU appreciates your understanding while this situation is being addressed.