Rock On Rising Sun

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably aware of the latest craze going on throughout many parts of our area.  Thousands of painted rocks are being crafted by individuals everywhere and “hidden” for others to find.  Some are well hidden while others are a little easier to find.  Individuals, businesses and organizations in Rising Sun have joined the fun and hiding rocks within our city limits.  You can find more details and guidelines on the “Rock On Rising Sun, Indiana” Facebook page.

Paint a rock, hide a rock, seek a rock or do all three.  You don’t have to be a Picasso, da Vinci, van Goh or Michelangelo to paint a rock. It’s only a rock. Make your creation as simple or as dynamic as you like.  We won’t judge.  If you just want to search for rocks, that’s okay too.

When you find rocks, please take pictures of them and post the photos on the “Rock On Rising Sun, Indiana” Facebook page then re-hide them within the city limits.  Of course, if you find a rock that says “winner”, redeem it at the local business or organization which sponsored the rock and claim your prize.  Not all rocks hidden by businesses or organizations have prizes associated with them.

Leave no stone unturned Rising Sun and happy hunting!