RSRF and OCCF Award Grants to City of Rising Sun

The City of Rising Sun extends its sincerest thanks and appreciation to the Rising Sun Regional Foundation and the Ohio County Community Foundation for grants awarded to the city in December 2016.

The RSRF awarded a grant to fully fund the development of a new city website.  The existing website has many internal issues and an outdated content management system (platform) which makes it very difficult to work with.  Most of the site’s problems aren’t visible to the public.  The new site will feature a more user friendly platform to benefit the city and cleaner, easier to navigate layout to benefit the public.

The OCCF awarded a grant to fully fund the downtown banner program for 2017.  These banners will be placed on 30 of the city’s light poles from late spring to late fall.  One set will contain generic, positive brand messaging and will remain up through the entire period.  The second set will promote selected city events and rotate throughout the event season.