RSRF Assists City With Three Grants

The City of Rising Sun would like to extend its sincerest thanks and appreciation to the Rising Sun Regional Foundation for their grant assistance on three projects.

RSRF awarded the city $1500 toward the creation of job descriptions for all of its employees.  Job descriptions will offer a measure of protection for both the city and its employees in the event of any dispute or disciplinary issue.  They better define roles and expectations of each employee bringing a level of clarity to the workplace.

RSRF awarded the city $2500 to help make the City Administration Building and the Main Street Public Restroom Building ADA compliant.  The grant will assist in funding automated doors for these buildings to allow easier access for individuals in wheelchairs or with other physical limitations.

RSRF awarded the city $10,883 for the purchase of street banners for the city light poles.  These street banners will have a combination of messages ranging from positive generic branding to promoting specific community events.