RSRF Awards Grant for Backhoe

The City of Rising Sun extends its sincerest thanks and appreciation to the Rising Sun Regional Foundation for helping fund the purchase of a nearly new backhoe for the street department.  The grant award received is $40,000.

The existing 1998 backhoe has over 5500 hours of service on it which is 500 more than the typical life expectancy.  The 2015 model being purchased has only 20 hours of service making it relatively brand new.

The city will trade it its current unit for a credit ($19,750) to help offset the new purchase and cover the balance out of city funds ($37,250).

The backhoe is a critical piece of equipment used regularly by the city for things like moving brush, digging trenches, pushing dirt and gravel, grading and excavation work, plowing snow, digging out stumps, moving large rocks, breaking asphalt and transporting materials.