RSRF Awards Grants to the City of Rising Sun

The City Of Rising Sun offers its sincerest thanks and appreciation to the Rising Sun Regional Foundation for two grants it recently awarded.

The RSRF approved $22,093 toward the purchase and outfitting of a new police cruiser. The cruiser to be replaced is 10 years old with outdated equipment and is experiencing more frequent mechanical issues.  While 10 years is not necessarily old for a personal vehicle, it is for a police cruiser based on the type of constant start and stop driving done within a community.

The Foundation also approved $14,790.49 toward the replacement of the city’s phone system at seven different locations.  The existing system is so old that replacement phones, hardware and parts are no longer available.  Seven city properties will be addressed:  the Police Department, Main Street Office, Senior/Community Building, City Garage, City Hall, the Community Pool and Heritage Hall.