September 21-23 Community Yard Sale Participants

The 2017 Fall Community Yard Sale and Clean Up is Thursday, September 21 through Saturday, September 23.

If you would like to have your yard sale promoted, you need to provide your last name, address of your sale location and the day or dates you will sell (September 21, 22 and/or 23).  You may email your information to Amy Martin at, call her at 812-438-3340 or sign up at the Rising Sun Municipal Utilities desk (200 N. Walnut St.) during normal business hours.  If you call after business hours and reach voice mail, please spell your last name.  

The newspaper ad promoting the event and participants has already been published.  However, we will continue to update the list below through Wednesday, September 20.  The list is current as of 2:30 pm Tuesday, September 19.  You can print this story or pick up a printed copy of the list at the RSMU desk. 

Name Address  Days
Kelly Armstrong 4259 SR 56 N. 21,22
Kell Babs 603 Main ALL
Everett Boggs 110 First ALL
Megan Carnes 311 Williams St 21,22
Sunshine Colen 321 Second ALL
Judy Courtney 210 S. High ALL
Mary Ann Davis 625 Ridge ALL
Nancy Downy 220 S. Poplar ALL
Chris Flood 425 First St 21,22
Pat Hamilton 9197 SR 56 N. ALL
Steve/Tammy Johns 114 First 22
R. Jones/H. Radcliff 304 N. High 21 22
Raymond Kittle 807 Fourth St ALL
P.Koon/ J.Rose 809 Burgess ALL
Joyia Lewis 731 Ridge Rd ALL
Lisa Lewis 8326 Schraeder ALL
Mildred Martin 1211 Huckleberry ALL
Ted Martin 1216 Fifth ALL
Robyn Miller 315 S. Poplar 22,23
G. Moore 727 Wilson ALL
Patty Mosier 604 S. Mulberry 22,23
Sandi Myers 3558 Bellview ALL
Laura McKay 1208 Fifth St 22,23
Tina Parsons 6786 Twain 22,23
Betty Pavy 814 Burgess ALL
Dona Payne 708 S Walnut 21,22
Linda Powell 500 S. High  21,22
Ashley Rohrbach 6677 Taylor 22,23
Robert Shannon 516 S. Walnut ALL
Mary Lou Sloan 212 S. Poplar ALL
Kathy Stowe 201 N. Poplar ALL
Jan Turner 902 S. Walnut ALL
Karen Turner 313 Fifth ALL


This community event is the PERFECT time to spruce up your property. Show PERSONAL PRIDE and CITY PRIDE by cleaning up around your yard. You don’t have to invest a lot of money to do it. Just invest your time and do the basics. Pick up trash and debris. Cut down high weeds. Trim overgrown hedges and shrubs and mow your grass at a reasonable height. 

For city residents only, the City of Rising Sun makes dumpsters available at the City Dump on the following remaining Saturdays in 2017 from 7 to 11 am: September 23, October 7 and November 4.

The following items are not permitted at the dump: liquids, hazardous waste, wet or lead paint, closed drums, Freon containing refrigeration equipment, tires or mercury containing lamps.