UPDATE- No Phone Service at City Buildings During Upgrade Feb. 28

Thanks to a $14,790 grant from the Rising Sun Regional Foundation, the City of Rising Sun is getting a new phone system installed in several of its buildings.  Orginally, the system was to be installed on February 6 and 7.  However, the upgrade has been pushed back to Tuesday, February 28.

On this day, there will be no phone service at the following locations: City Hall, Police Department (911 is not affected), Senior /Community Building, Main Street Office, City Garage, Heritage Hall and the Community Pool.  If you need to reach a city employee on February 28, you will have to do so in person.  Also, city employees will have limited availability on February 27 because they will be trained on the new system. 

The existing system is so old that replacement phones, hardware and parts are no longer available.  A picture of the city’s old telephone system is shown to the left.  (Okay…it’s not that old but it’s close.)

The new system is wireless/cloud-based with protective firewalls offering greater flexibility and more features.  It will improve the efficiency of each office as all properties mentioned will be connected to one system instead of multiple ones.

The new system will save the city around $650 gross in monthly charges.  About $150 per month is being reinvested in wireless internet signal strength at a few properties.  This will still result in a monthly net savings of approximately $500.  

If any service calls arise, nearly all can be handled remotely.  Also there are two towers to serve the system. Should one go down, there is a backup available so service is not interrupted.